Our company’s story begins in 1985 with the founding of a firm called DataMatrix Technologies. Our company culture was built on first and foremost integrity.

By realizing that rebate programs and SPIFFs had been held back by 20th century business practices, DataMatrix became a leader in providing data-driven solutions through the use of cutting-edge technology. This part of the company became known as DataMatrix Promotions and focused on providing custom, data-driven customer incentive and sales incentive programs catering to specific client needs.

In 2017, Datamatrix Promotions re-branded as Incentive Insights. This company name change reflects our focus on the significance of data and data insights that we gain through customer incentive programs and sales incentives.

Incentive Insights is an innovative organization combining data analysis and rebate incentives. As part of our re-branding, we have launched a brand new website that fully informs our potential customers on the value of partnering with Incentive Insights.

Incentive Insights primarily focuses on:

  1. Data Analysis and Reporting

Traditional incentive programs return some fraction of the purchase price to the purchaser. These programs are a simple way for manufacturers to exercise more control over price points than they typically would. However, today’s innovative companies use incentive promotions for far more than price control.  Each incentive submission contains a considerable amount of data. This data is used to improve future marketing efforts and product design.

  1. Flexible Solutions

Incentive Insights pairs our clients with an incentives expert to create the exact program needed in order to achieve the clients’ goals. Our process takes all of the guesswork out of incentive promotion programs, while still giving our clients full creative control of the objectives and process. By understanding your goals, Incentive Insights creates customized strategies that meets our clients’ specific needs.

  1. Promotion Strategies

Incentive Insights takes what is known about our clients’ customers and turns it into a strategy that increases visibility for promoted products. We co-create promotional strategies to work in conjunction with very specific incentive programs. This helps reinforce your sales channels so that you can communicate your value proposition throughout your entire distribution chain. Not only can we help make your existing sales channel incentive program more effective, we can also help you create a new incentive program that’s even better!

  1. Rebate and Sales Channel Fulfillment

We handle every step of processing, from document submission through results reporting, in as much detail as you require. Our customer support specialists learn your offer requirements and use their experience to handle any support issues that occur. Our goals are to accurately and precisely process submission documents and thoroughly report results. We adapt to any circumstances that occur during the promo period and keep our clients informed.

  1. Innovative SPIFF programs

Combining marketing data capture with flexible award logic creates persona driven incentive programs. This encourages your distribution network to recommend your products. We also manage spiff payment fulfillment and monitor the success of those programs.

For more information, browse through our solutions and learn more about who we are.

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