Custom-Built Incentive Programs

Virtually every aspect of your promotion can be customized. You have the ability to customize data fields for your programs so that you can get the information you want and need.

custom rebate programs

Flexible & Custom Rebate Programs

You are not stuck with a set of predefined fields or restricted to single product promotions. We can handle multi-sku, bundle or specific combination offers with ease.

Ongoing Customization

As our client, you have the freedom to customize the incentive awards your customers receive. Flexible choices provide options that can enhance your programs. When we setup your custom incentive program, we allow you to create the reports you want based on your data.

Our flexibility isn’t limited to the initial offer setup either. If you need to make changes once the offer is live, we are able to move quickly to enact those changes.

If your reporting needs change, or if you simply want different options after your program has started, we are happy to create the reports you need. If a new data point is requested for reporting, we’ll review rebate submissions that have completed processing in order to capture the key data for your reports.

Solutions that Fit Your Business

Flexible Invoicing Options

Flexible Invoicing Options

We also offer flexible invoicing and client payment options. You have the option of weekly, biweekly or monthly invoicing. If needed, you can even select specific date invoicing.

We support invoice payments by check, ACH/Wire, credit card payments and pre-funding escrows. We’re happy to create a custom invoicing schedule and setup a custom payment process that works for you.

Variety of Incentive Options

Variety of Incentive Options

We offer a wide variety of incentive options for your incentive programs.

We support the whole spectrum, from checks and rebate cards to product fulfillment and every possibility in between.

Featured Insights

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