Our Approach

Our detailed, methodical approach to rebate management, incentive programs and understanding our clients’ needs is coupled with a highly flexible process of designing and executing programs that fulfill those needs.

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Program Planning & Execution

During our thorough setup process, our primary goal is to identify incentive program ideas that can maximize the results of programs for our clients. Our process helps us to create targeted incentives designed to get specific outcomes.

Promotion & Offer Setup

When we set up a new incentive program for a client, our project specialists ask in-depth questions. The comprehensive interview helps brainstorm solutions for any potential issues that may occur during promos.

Our easy setup removes the uncertainty for clients new to incentive programs. Given our decades of experience with incentive programs and rebate management, we’ve seen it all.

Our collaborative approach provides a flexible partnership for clients who are looking to improve or expand their sales incentive and consumer rebate programs.

Customer Service

Our proactive setup helps to ensure that every interaction our customer service representatives have with your customers or sales channel members are handled appropriately, efficiently and respectfully.

Our clients rest easy knowing that their programs are running smoothly. We believe in full transparency, so we will regularly provide you with updates and reports on your programs.

Of course, if you ever have questions, we are always available. Our priority is to provide best-in-class rebate management and incentive program support to you and your customers or sales channel members.

The Value of Data Collection

Data Collection

Data Collection

Data collection is no longer a mere byproduct of your program. The data we capture becomes the foundation for understanding the customer behavior you are looking to incentivize.

By carefully crafting the details of the campaign, we can help you collect the data that you want and we deliver that data to you in meaningful reports. We are able to collect a wide variety of specific demographic and psychographic information.

This information builds upon itself to help you better understand your customers and sales channels, taking our incentive programs and rebate management solutions to the next level.

Data Integrity

Data Integrity

We have extremely high standards for our core competencies and data integrity. Every submission is manually processed by a team member who understands your incentive programs, your customer base and your program rules.

During program execution or rebate management, we monitor every step of the process closely and we address any issues before they can become problems.

Our system and processes ensure that data is being time and date stamped and every interaction is documented and recorded. The raw data is provided weekly. We encourage our clients to review it and ask questions about the results.

Multi-Channel Personas

Multi-Channel Personas

Our incentive programs are designed to help you create detailed, multi-channel personas so you understand who is buying and selling your products.

We can help you see how your customers are taking action on your value proposition. The more you know about your customer base and their consumer behavior, the more you can improve your marketing strategies to target your ideal customer.

Rebates are a powerful tool for gathering the data necessary for the creation of these customer personas.

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