The Incentive Insights Difference

We use an integrated approach, combining sales incentives and SPIFF programs to dramatically increase the efficacy and efficiency of your sales cycle.


Sales Incentives

We know how important it is for manufacturers to build and maintain strong relationships with the end sellers. We believe that customized sales incentives are a crucial element of fostering those relationships. Utilizing sales incentives is an excellent method for encouraging your end sellers to upsell your products to current and potential customers. These incentives also encourage the end sales staff to promote your products to a wider customer base. Sales incentives are particularly effective for establishing long-term goals with your end sellers.

SPIFFs for Sales Reps

SPIFF programs are an advantageous method of reaching specific short term goals. These individual incentives program specific performance of individual sales people. This immediate response method is highly effective for encouraging your sales people to strive for short-term goals.

SPIFFs are individual incentives that offer specific incentives for specific performance – immediate response, short-term, specific goals. SPIFF programs push sales people to perform better without discounting your products.

The Incentive Insights Approach

Our approach to flexible, customizable Incentive program solutions means that we can combine specialized programs to complement each other while increasing your revenue.

Increased Knowledge

Increased Knowledge

We customize both sales incentive programs and SPIFF programs to work in conjunction with each other. This offers a comprehensive approach that ultimately increases product knowledge for your end sellers.

By implementing both methods simultaneously, you are imparting knowledge to both your retailers and their individual sales people.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Our unique combination approach allows us to offer advanced training to your end retailers and their sales teams. General sales incentives convey at least a basic understanding of your products and promotions.

SPIFFs communicate more specific knowledge of your products and promotions. As these techniques can blend together easily, our approach not only provides the best training, it also encourages your end retailers and sales staff to complete your advanced training programs.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Our synthesis of sales incentive programs and SPIFF programs gives you the best of both.

The flexibility and customization that we offer means that our solutions can address both your short term and your long term goals. We fully customize our solutions to suit your particular needs.


Our sales incentive programs and SPIFF programs for sales reps are proven methods of increasing results through your sales partners, especially when your partners also sell for your competitors. The benefits of our unique approach to sales incentive and SPIFF programs are clear.

Better relationships with sellers and customers

Increased brand loyalty

Increased local demand

Highly knowledgeable sales people

High incentive approval rates

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